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It’s not just focusing on gay and lesbian partnership rights anymore

I mean look at this

“It will make city forms gender neutral, and makes it easier for transgender residents to request gender markers on some records, and name changes. Gender-neutral bathrooms are also required in city-controlled buildings, as well as access to buildings based on gender identity.

“Healthcare discrimination against non-union transgender city employees will also be banned, and the legislation ensures that employees in Philadelphia will be able to dress in accordance with their gender identity.”

No one’s ever cared before and now it is just like “here is a windfall of unexpectedly amazing things now go live your life in happiness”

Way to go Philly! 



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-Physicians providing abortions are not allowed admittance to public hospitals.

-Fetal pain must be described to the woman at all stages of pregnancy.

-Doctors must tell women how much money they make from performing abortions.

-Ultrasounds include visual description if woman refuses to view image; no rape exemption

-Mandatory wait-time doubled

There’s more, equally horrifying. I wrote about it for you here. Gov. Kasich has until 11:59 pm on Sunday to line-item veto any or all of these restrictions. He probably won’t.

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Oh fuck. There is more to this.


This is a HUGE issue and was completely overshadowed by the events in Texas. As a citizen of Ohio, I’m begging for you guys to help.

In case the above facts don’t convince you about how lacking and awful the state government is here, check these facts:

If a woman wants an abortion in Ohio, she MUST get STATE DIRECTEDcounseling that includes the counselor discouraging her from having an abortion. In addition, she has to wait 24 hours before that and having the abortion. The counseling has to be in person.

But wait, there’s more.

New plans under our health care reform only cover abortion in cases where the woman is endangered. This means the plans are available in cases of rape and incest only. The same goes for insurance coverage in abortion coverage.

Since the counseling is state directed and evaluated, and there is a very specific and purposefully tight set of restrictions on the legality of abortions, the state has way too much control over the procedure itself. If a clinic or particular doctor don’t follow these tight rules exactly, they can be charged with manslaughter. 

What the fuck is this shit

well. this is horrifying. yay. 

fuck ohio!

"Nearly 73% of abortions in America could end tomorrow if the “Pro-life” moment actually cared about ACTUAL people (i.e life) in order to gather the funds to create an environment in which abortions were unneeded."

-75% of women who get abortions cite financial reasons for their abortions, if women were supplied with an environment where their jobs and education were protected, their medical needs were fully covered and their children were guaranteed with a reasonable level of basic care upon birth that promised for a future better than the women could currently supply that would end nearly all abortion that are needed for non-medial reasons.

And it would cost only around 6billion/year or to put that in perspective 0.009% of what the U.S. spends on killing people (military budget)

If pro-lifers really wanted to STOP abortion they’d be fighting for this world. Not one where women get jail time at best and septicemia at worse for abortions.

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This is me, my mom and my sister last Christmas.

My mom, after having dropped 20 pounds in a few weeks, was diagnosed with lung cancer this April and she is currently in stage 3. She has never smoked a day in her life, but her right lung is now covered with a tumor the size of a baseball. The cancer (which the doctors’ are still unsure of what type it is), is very aggressive and has started to spread to her lymph and a small part of her brain.

 And because of many complications and the lack of urgency in the healthcare field in Oklahoma, we decided to move her to California for treatment (where all of our family lives). She has had to get 2 biopsies, 2 MRIs, 2 CT scans, and a PET scan and the chemo and radiation treatment hasn’t even started yet.

We live off a very small income by running a convenient store that my dad and my mom have owned and worked at for 18 years. It doesn’t make a lot of money, and with all of these  bills will probably put us in debt for the rest of our lives. I am still in school and my sister is a school teacher, but even with her added income, it isn’t going to be enough to cover the overwhelming amount of bills we are starting to see.

Being my mother’s daughter, I have a hard time asking for any help, but this is something I feel I need to do. I am asking you, my wonderful followers and friends, the people of tumblr to signal boost this or donate. I appreciate any help, even just something small like spreading the word.

Thank you for reading, and you can donate here

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How To Identify Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Crisis pregnancy centers, or pregnancy resource centers, disguise themselves as medical facilities, but usually have no licensed doctors, nurses or counselors. They often appear under “Abortion Alternatives,” and may have names similar to abortion clinics nearby in order to confuse patients into entering their buildings instead of the real clinics.

Once you enter a CPC, their mission is to prevent you from getting an abortion at any cost. They will use misleading language, delay tactics, emotional manipulation, intimidation, and outright lies to either persuade you against abortion or to make you miss your appointment. The worst part? It’s all completely legal and funded by federal dollars.

CPCs do their best to appear as legitimate abortion clinics, so how can you tell which is which? Here is a list of red flags for CPCs:

  • The words “crisis” or “resource” appear in the center’s name
  • Their ads use language like “Pregnant & Scared?”
  • They offer free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds
  • When asked if they provide abortions or contraception, they will not give a direct answer
  • The waiting room has biased pamphlets, sometimes with graphic pictures labeled as abortions
  • They attempt to make you feel guilty about considering abortion
  • They offer baby items, such as diapers and formula
  • They downplay the effectiveness of contraception and emphasize abstinence
  • They emphasize the dangers of abortion (Fact: fewer than 0.3% of patients experience complications requiring hospitalization)
  • They discuss the false connections between abortion and breast cancerinfertility, or mental illness, often referred to as post-abortion stress syndrome
  • Regardless of how you talk about the pregnancy, they refer to “your baby,” the “preborn child,” “post-abortive women,” and say that you are “already a mother.”

More on CPCs

How to Identify CPCs

Beware of Fake Clinics

Crisis Pregnancy Centers: An Affront to Choice

CPC Warning Stickers

A list of licensed abortion clinics in the United States can be found on the Abortion Assistance Blog.

funded by federal dollars

funded by federal dollars.

funded by federal dollars.



Argentina JUST PASSED a groundbreaking gender identity bill!!!

From now on, people will be able to change the name and gender on their ID without needing psychiatric permission or any body modifications. Furthermore, anyone who does want hormones or surgery will be able to access them for free through the public and private health system.

It was passed unanimously today by the Senate


Argentina is just getting more awesome by the year. Countries that aren’t Argentina need to take note.

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(CNN) — Donnie Collins’ journey from female to male will continue, thanks to a college fraternity that raised money for sex-change surgery.

Collins, a 20-year-old sophomore at Boston’s Emerson College, learned soon after he joined the Phi Alpha Tau fraternity that his insurance company declined to cover surgery to remove breast tissue to flatten his chest.

Phi Alpha Tau members, defying the conventional stereotype of a fraternity, launched a campaign on an online fundraising site — — with a goal of collecting the $8,100 needed for the procedure, scheduled for May.

“We see Donnie as a brother and we want to support him in this endeavor,” Phi Alpha Tau Chapter President Jon Allen told CNN affiliate WBZ-TV.

They have already far surpassed the goal amount on Indiegogo but they’re donating all extra funding to the Jim Collins Foundation, “a nonprofit organization providing financial assistance for gender-confirming surgeries.” Details on the site.

‘gender-confirming surgery’… hm, i like that.

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AP: Praveen Halappanavar, the widower of an Indian woman who died in an Irish hospital after she was refused an abortion, plans to sue Ireland’s government in the European Court of Human Rights. His lawyer confirmed the decision.

Halappanavar’s wife, Savita, died Oct. 28 in Ireland, one week after being admitted to a hospital for severe pain amid a miscarriage. Doctors did not perform an abortion while the fetus still had a heartbeat. Savita fell ill after the dead fetus was removed. A coroner ruled she died from blood poisoning.





We have until December 14 to get 25,000 signatures on it. You need to live in the USA, and you should seriously sign, signal boost, tumblr bomb, anything you can. Lives are on the line- lives of people like me.


Okay, I am judging you for the fact that this still needs 23,000 out of 25,000 signatures, Tumblr. What the fuck.

Um, do people not understand that this so so people with autism can get life-saving organ transplants, instead of given a death sentence on the grounds that our lives are inherently worthless?

Do you think this doesn’t happen to young adults?

23-Year-Old Autistic Man Denied Heart Transplant at UPenn Hospital

Do you think this doesn’t happen to children with various developmental disorders?

3-Year-Old Amelia Rivera Denied Kidney Transplant

Do you think this doesn’t happen to adults with Down’s Syndrome?

32-Year-Old Sandra Jensen Denied Heart Transplant

UNTIL THE 1990’s, “mental retardation”, meaning any sort of cognitive impairment, was considered “contraindication” for receiving a livesaving organ transplant(link opens as PDF)

“Contraindicated.” That quite literally means that they considered saving a cognitively impaired person’s life HARMFUL.