Wendell Pierce to Open a Grocery Store in New Orleans

Healthy Foods in non-rich neighborhoods:

“The store will offer a free shuttle to anyone who spends $50 or more, so they need not walk or take the bus with heavy bags. Each month, the store plans a cookout (which in New Orleans usually means a crayfish boil) to raise money for the community.”

Read more:

I think this man see’s the future. Will it have a garden next to it?

I think…I think I love him…


Posted about this on Facebook yesterday because it’s just a great story.  I work in an area that’s a food desert and the residents face immense challenges in getting healthy food at an affordable rate.  People who say “why don’t you just eat healthier?” or “why don’t you go vegetarian/vegan?” to these people don’t understand the challenges they face in getting access to good food.  The nurses in my office work with a lot of diabetic and morbidly obese patients who cannot access fresh and healthy food on their budgets.  It is a real problem.  Wendell Pierce is someone who can make a real difference and I salute him.

This is fantastic.  I wish more people understood how much class and distribution (and farm subsidies) have to do with the way that people eat in this country.  

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